January Contest Winners (+ News!)

Note: EPLs and EPCs noted are all *affiliate* EPCs/EPLs.

Your BrainEv JV Update!

This is your BrainEv contest update!

Okay, as you may remember, we’re running a contest to help promote the Brain Evolution System during the month of January, when everyone makes that age-old resolution: “I should meditate more.”

Thank you to everyone that has participated so far!

We’re paying out commissions of 70%, and our current average EPL is $1.54. (You can verify this figure on the leaderboard. Also, our normal BrainEv commission rate is 50%.)

Today, I’m writing to give share:

* A quick leaderboard update (Srecko, read this!)
* Details of the ‘Flash Sale’ that will boost your commish
* How we doubled our squeeze page conversion this month

So let’s begin…


Huge congratulations to Andrew and Paul, of The Law of Attraction.com, who have held strong in at position #1! You guys are in-line to hit a $1000 bonus in our opt-in contest.

Srecko and his Living the Law of Attraction Facebook page are in position #2, in line for a $750 bonus — and just 124 opt-ins behind Andrew and Paul!

Keith Matthew is in at #3 for $500 (you rock!), Lisa G as position #4 with $250, followed by John Assaraf at position #5 with $100.

For the full live leaderboard, click here and check your place:


SHOUT OUTS go to the follow affiliates with awesome EPLs – Keith Matthew with 92c, John Assaraf with $1.88, Enoch Tan with $1.12, Gillian Hood with 95c, Mind Movies (hi Andi!) with a huge $3.85, Learning Strategies at $3.15, Sasha Xarrian at $2.16, the brilliant Lily Jensen at $1.09, Joe Rubino at $2.57, Carolyn Hansen at $1.32, Simon Stanley at $1.91, the awesome Carl Harvey at $3.03, and Christy Whitman at $2.82. And that’s just from the top 20!


As we reach the end of January, this week we’re having a ‘Flash Sale’ to our prospects — offering the entire Brain Evolution System at a super-reduced price of just $100.

This really is a one-off, and we’re doing it to help further increase your returns.

So this week, expect your sales figures to further rocket!

And if you can — PROMOTE US AGAIN. I know we’re bias, but we’d really love you for it :)


You might be interested to learn a little of what we uncovered during this contest.

Our opt-in pages typically convert really well, and tests prior to this contest showed they were operating with a solid conversion to test traffic. But on live traffic, our overall opt-in conversion dipped to around 30%.

Now, that’s not bad, but it’s not great either — and nowhere near our regular numbers. So, crisis mode active, we decided to do a rapid redesign and split-test on live traffic.

We went through over a dozen squeeze pages, with several variants on each. Some proved successful, some weren’t so strong. And then we found one common element that we added to the pages which really made a difference. It’s something we’ve used before on squeeze pages but never actively measured their impact…. The humble countdown timer!

Here’s our current best-performing squeeze page, which you can see live right now at www.brainev.com/gift

This is a very simple squeeze page, with relatively little information and an idyllic background. But most importantly however, it has a TIMER on it. A timer which effectively does nothing.

The addition of this simple timer element boosted conversions on all squeeze pages we added it too — and on this one in particular, it pulls in 57.25% conversion on blind traffic — almost double our earlier results.

We’ve had many affiliates get in touch asking us about the countdown timer and how we implemented it. Well, here’s the site you need for the code if you’re interested:


And remember — if you sent us traffic during the EARLIER part of this contest, and had lower opt-in conversion, you might want to consider sending a little more to see how it converts for you. (However, yes: that is a cheeky ask.)


Contact us: vipaffiliates@inspire3.com
Login: http://brainev.com/affiliates
Leaderboard: http://brainev.com/affiliates/leaderboard

That’s all for this update.

In fact, this is probably the final update you’ll receive from myself until the start of February — where I’ll record a video update to crown the King of the Contest.

And thank you for helping spread the word about meditation and BrainEv specifically :)

I really, genuinely appreciate it very much.

To your success –

Karl Moore, Inspire3
(Follow me http://twitter.com/karlmoore)

BrainEv Leaderboard Update

It’s time for another quick BrainEv contest update!

Sorry for the dead air recently, although I know that Andrew has been in touch with many of you cool dudes and dudettes — while I’ve been skiving in the Peak District, somewhere under the rainbow.

(Yes, that is actually me last week!)

Anyway, *thank you* to everyone for their support so far. Here’s a quick update on the opt-in contest leaderboard…


– #1 – Andrew & Paul – The Law of Attraction.com – $1k
Whoah, you guys rocked this! New entry in first place!

– #2 – Keith Matthew – Self Mastery Secrets.com – $750
– As ever, WOW! Less than 200 opt-ins behind TLOA!

– #3 – Srecko Dragsic – Living the Law of Attraction – $500
– Amazing! And less than 80 opt-ins behind Keith too!

LOOK! Less than 275 opt-ins between position #1 and position #3. It’s a close call :)

– #4 – John Assaraf
– #5 – Stephanie Mulac
– #6 – Enoch Tan
– #7 – Gillian Hood
– #8 – Lisa G.
– #9 – Mind Movies
– #10 – Learning Strategies

For the full leaderboard, check out:

* Stats Update!

Our current average EPL is $1.21 across all platforms. ($1.45 with our 20% bonus!)

Mailing list traffic is performing the best, with Mind Movies at $2.93 per lead ($3.52 with bonus). Facebook traffic is performing the worst, with EPLs at 20-50c (24-60c with bonus).

* Other Important News

Here’s some other important news we really think you should know…

- 20% BONUS - We’re INCREASING your payout from 50% to 70% on all sales made during January! It’s just our way of saying thanks. It *doesn’t* show on the leaderboard yet, but will within the next day.

- Leaderboard Hack – Increase your leaderboard position! BrainEv, Nitrofocus and Brain Salon opt-ins all count toward the leaderboard now. If you need copy, get in touch!

- Continuous Testing – Not all of our early squeeze pages worked well with the various types of traffic. We have continued to test/optimize. If you can, mail out for us now to see how much better your traffic converts.

- Flash Sale Next Week – We’ll email all of your prospects over the last few days of this contest to offer then BrainEv at a seriously reduced price — enhancing your chances of cashing in. No need to do anything: we’ve got it in-hand.

- PLUS: New Events Coming Soon! – We have some MAJOR events planned for June, July and August! Stay tuned!

That’s all for now. More updates soon! :)

To your success –

Karl Moore, Inspire3
(Follow me http://twitter.com/karlmoore)

PS. I’m a real person! Here’s a quick video from me saying hello, in case you haven’t seen it yet: http://karlrecommends.com/hello

20% Bonus Payment + More News!

Got to click play on this one to get the news!

Remember the links you need to know:

Contact us: vipaffiliates@inspire3.com
Login: http://brainev.com/affiliates
Leaderboard: http://brainev.com/affiliates/leaderboard


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